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“Delivering cost-effective, practical solutions on time, every time.”



Active Law has employment lawyers who can assist you with workplace legal advice to deal with your employment issues and optimise your opportunities in your employment relationships. We deliver practical, timely and cost-effective employment law advice to help you run a productive business. 

Our focus is to help employers deal with their employment issues easily so they can achieve their business goals. We provide practical, effective advice and assistance that is easy to understand and follow. We are experienced in working with business owners and managers to find the right solution for the employment opportunities and challenges they face. Whilst we believe that strategic planning and proactive advice is your best opportunity to structure a healthy business, we are always there to support you through the workplace issues that may arise along the way, so you can get back to business.


We have the expertise to help employers to manage their employment law issues. We have experience in handling matters in Industrial Relations Commissions, including unfair dismissals, discrimination in the workplace, workplace health and safety, workers compensation and other HR law related matters. Our employment law and industrial relations lawyers can provide legal advice on all aspects of employment law and workplace relations matters for SMEs. We can prepare your documents and help you to understand your Fair Work Act obligations and other employment related legislation, relating to:

  • recruitment – including employee pre-employment disclosure of pre-existing injuries;
  • employment arrangements – including employment contracts, restraint of trade, remuneration, bonuses, confidentiality and intellectual property;
  • HR matters such as workplace policies and procedures;
  • strategic business restructuring (including redundancy);
  • industrial relations including unions in the workplace and right of entry;
  • underpayment of wages and fair work ombudsman prosecutions;
  • workplace health and safety;
  • undertaking a variety of workplace investigations including for harassment, bullying, safety breaches and other employee misconduct;
  • managing ill and injured employees and workers compensation claims;
  • employee misconduct, poor performance and effecting termination of employment;
  • resolving workplace disputes; and
  • responding to and resolving employment claims such as unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, adverse action, workplace bullying and employee rights.

We are experienced in conducting workplace investigations in response to safety related incidents, allegations of misconduct and employee disputes, as well as providing advice to clients about safety compliance matters.

Whether you are starting up and need advice on how to structure your employment arrangements, growing an existing business or are an established organisation seeking a fresh view on your business arrangements, we can assist you with employment law advice and drafting documents to better protect your business interests.


We also deliver short training courses for employers in the areas of:

  • employment basics for small to medium enterprises
  • performance management
  • conducting workplace investigations
  • managing ill and injured employees

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