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We have the resources and depth of experience to assist you and your property managers in every step of the leasing process. Given our extensive knowledge and experience in retail, commercial office and industrial leasing, we guarantee we will deliver on the leasing requirements for your projects. We adopt a commercially minded approach to managing our clients’ leasing arrangements. We provide a swift, responsive service and direct access to the principal lawyers. Our team has more than 44 years of accumulated commercial property and leasing experience.
Our team has the depth of knowledge and experience needed to successfully complete all forms of leasing transactions, and respond promptly to your needs, including:

  • Drafting all necessary documentation on behalf of the landlord, including agreements to lease, leases, subleases, right of entry/breach notices, surrender of leases, deeds of assignment, etc;
  • Reviewing any documents that the landlord is required to be party to and to make appropriate recommendations;
  • Liaising with the tenant’s solicitor on your behalf; and
  • Providing general legal advice on property issues relating to this asset.
    We have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating commercial leases for some of Australia’s largest landlords.

We have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating commercial leases for some of Australia’s largest landlords.

We find many situations in where clients have failed to (or not been properly advised to) give adequate consideration to the many obligations they assume in a lease and the fact that their insurance will not cover them for those obligations. If the lease terms are inconsistent with the insurance arrangements or inadequate insurance is obtained, the situation where a tenant must “dip into their pockets” to pay out obligations to the landlord, can arise.


Don’t get caught!!

Speak with us to ensure that you do not assume unnecessary risk in your lease.


We can assist with the preparation and negotiation of agreements for the sale or purchase of commercial/retail property and development sites, with such agreements incorporating complex development approval conditions or proceeding through the use of Put and Call Option Agreements (which option agreements can include nomination provisions for the nomination of the benefit of the option agreement to third parties, thereby reducing unnecessary stamp duty).


We can prepare and administer off the plan contracts for your proposed developments, including staged developments and multi-layered schemes and incorporating:

  • Contract Schedule and relevant Special Conditions
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Community Management Statement
  • Caretaking Agreement
  • Letting Agreement
  • All other Land Sale Act and Body Corporate and Community Management Act requirements.

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