Project Description

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Businesses often provide finance, goods, and services to customers and related entities. If the customer or related entity becomes insolvent, getting paid first can be difficult, however the PPS laws can help you.

We specialise in:

  • Drafting your documents to comply with the PPS laws and the federal government’s online PPS Register;
  • Creating user friendly electronic workflows and processes to help you correctly register on the government’s online PPS Register;
  • Using the PPS laws to:
    • get you paid ahead of others, often without using court proceedings;
    • improve your cashflow and identify new customers for your business;
    • avoid claims against you by a customer’s liquidator;
    • strengthen your asset protection plan, especially if you lend money or provide goods to related entities;
  • Removing PPS registrations which may have been incorrectly lodged against you

Applying for an IP right to protect your business ideas can be critical to building a business and establishing your presence in a market; as is ensuring your ownership rights are clear in contracts with employees and contractors; and then enforcing those rights. Early advice will assist you to protect this valuable business asset.

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