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Active Law can assist you with acquiring, selling or structuring your business. It could be the best investment you ever make.


Business structuring involves establishing a structure for your business to obtain optimum tax effectiveness, asset protection and flexibility for future growth. Business structuring is a particularly important part of establishing a business and in keeping established businesses running at peak efficiency. Business structuring can be a very complex process involving a number of legal complexities. Unless you are well versed in these issues you need an expert which will also free up time that you can spend in areas of your expertise. Remember, it is better to work smarter than work harder.


Buying or starting a business?

The most costly mistake you can make when starting a new business is not seeking legal advice about the right business structure.

As a result, you could leave yourself liable to paying far more tax than you should. You could also be placing your family assets at risk.

The second most costly mistake is not having a lawyer read your purchase contract first.

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars only to discover you have no lease, or that you were not licensed to carry on the business. Worse still, imagine finding that key personnel were due thousands in long service leave or that they weren’t going to stay once the owner sold.

You can avoid these critical mistakes by getting the right advice.


In our experience, no vendor appreciates having to tie up loose ends for a business once they have sold it.

Ensure you obtain the right legal advice to give you the piece of the mind that once you have sold the business, your dealings with the business are at an end.


Franchising is the method of doing business whereby a franchisor licenses intellectual property, including trademarks and business systems to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring payment, and often a percentage of gross sales or gross profits. The Franchisor will often provide various support services such as advertising, a central call centre, etc.


Franchising is an extremely complex area of law for someone not well versed in legal jargon and there are a number of critical requirements to be considered when acquiring a franchise business.


Have you found a franchise business that you like?

Are you ready to sign the franchise agreement with the Franchisor? Or are you going to sign a contract with the current Franchisee?

Don’t sign anything until you speak with us first!


We can help you make sure you are making the right decision as to whether to buy the franchise. There are a number of disclosure requirements that the Franchisor and/or selling Franchisee must comply with, which will help you determine whether it is the franchise for you. Make sure that you get the full picture before you commit yourself.

Don’t get caught!!


Just to operate your business lawfully and prudently can be a veritable minefield in this day and age. One wrong step can be disastrous. We can assist you to ensure you operate your business in a lawful and prudent manner.

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