Jacob Bartels

Jacob is an experienced intellectual property and commercial lawyer, and acts for established companies, inventors, and entrepreneur clients across a number of industries, including:

  • Construction, Industrial Design, and Manufacturing;
  • FMCG, Plastics, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, and Retailers;
  • Software development, SaaS platforms, Social Media and Communications Platforms, B2B and B2C online platforms, and Digital Marketing agencies; and
  • Chemical engineering, Software engineering, Biomedical engineering, Mining, Biomedical science, Allied health and Consulting.

Jacob’s commercial and intellectual property legal skills are bolstered by his background in Biomedical Science, in that he has a keen awareness and appreciation for any underlying scientific and technical aspects of his client’s legal queries. 

He enjoys guiding entrepreneur and inventor clients through the intellectual property process, from creation, ownership and corporate structuring, to licensing and commercialisation.

Jacob advises in respect of:

  • Corporate structuring for the purposes of holding IP;
  • Commercialisation and IP Licence Agreements, IP Co-ownership Agreements;
  • Assignments of Patents, Designs, Copyright, Trade Marks, Domain Names etc.;
  • IP Ownership advices in the context of Employment Agreements and Consulting Services Agreements, Manufacturing and Supply Agreements;
  • Research Collaboration Agreements with Australian Universities;
  • Service Agreements, Manufacturing and Supply Agreements, and Terms & Conditions;
  • Capital raising documentation, including Shareholders Agreements, Terms Sheets, Subscription Agreements, and SAFEs;
  • Software Licensing, Software Development, and Service Level Agreements; and
  • NDA/Confidentiality Agreements.

He also assists clients with respect to intellectual property infringement matters, as well as shareholder and/or commercial disputes, including matters in the State and Federal Courts.

One of Jacob’s greatest strengths is his capacity to understand his client’s needs, and to quickly identify pertinent issues, and develop strategies to progress matters in an efficient and commercial manner. 


  • Queensland Law Society


    • Bachelor of Laws

    • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

    • Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

    • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland

    • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

Please feel free to contact Jacob on jacob.bartels@activelaw.com.au or ph 3160 0000 if you would like to discuss any matter with him.