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Welcome to CONSTRUCTIVE, the newsletter from Active Law’s construction law team.  Watch this space for constructive, relevant articles to keep you informed on issues that are important to you and your dealings in the construction industry.

Meet Active Law’s construction team

Andrew Redburn

With more than 12 years experience in construction law, coupled with the analytical nature of a scientific background and the commercial common sense developed from years in business and acting for business, Andrew brings the no-nonsense perspective and action you need to achieve your objectives.  It doesn’t matter where you fit within the construction industry, service provider or consumer, contractor, subcontractor, consumer, company, individual or body corporate, there will come a time when you need dependable, practical advice you can understand. Check out Andrew’s full bio on the Active Law website www.activelaw.com.au

Paul Hick

Over 35 years in the construction industry and 15 of those working in Construction law.  Paul has acted for a broad spectrum of clients and on a diverse range of projects.  Developers, head contractors, subcontractors, specialist service providers, suppliers and industry professionals, from major projects and infrastructure to residential construction.  Paul’s hands on industry experience, together with his experience and qualifications as a construction lawyer, senior adjudicator and arbitrator give him the edge in understanding your circumstances and finding the solutions you need.  That edge is your advantage whether it is the negotiation or preparation of a contract, resolution of a dispute or just getting paid.  Check out Paul’s full bio on Active Law’s website www.activelaw.com.au

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